US Presidential Elections 2024 Date – Schedule, Candidate List, Indian Origin Candidates and Prediction

The 2024 US presidential election is the 60th presidential election held every four years and is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Voters elect a president and vice-president for a four-year term. Incumbent Joe Biden, a member of the Democratic Party, is running for re-election. His predecessor Donald Trump, a member of the Republican Party, is seeking re-election for a second, non-consecutive term.

Numerous primary candidates also announced their nominations for the nominations of the two major parties. The announcement of the winner of this election is scheduled for January 20, 2025. Here you will get to know about US Presidential Elections 2024 Date, 2024 US Presidential Elections Predictions, US Presidential Elections 2024 Result Date so check this page.

US Presidential Elections 2024 Date

US Presidential Elections 2024 will be organized on November 5, 2024 and the Republican debate for the US presidential election has begun. Eight candidates came into limelight in the first round. These included two Indian-Americans. By the way, there are a total of three Indian-Americans in these elections who are giving a tough fight to the main candidate, Donald Trump. Their names are Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley and Harsh Vardhan Singh. The US presidential elections are scheduled to be held next year but before that, the Republican Party’s presidential primary election will begin in January next year.

Despite Donald Trump being the leading candidate, he is facing tough competition in the race for the White House. According to American media, former President Donald Trump has not participated in the first primary debate of the 2024 presidential election and his eight rivals are clashing with each other. For the first time in the history of the primary phase of the US presidential election, two Indian-Americans stood together on the same primary debate stage.

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American President Election 2024 Details

Election Name US Presidential Elections 2024
Name of Organization Federal Election Commission
Country United States of America
Total States 50
Incumbent President Joe Biden
US President Election 2024 Date 5th November 2024
US Presidential Elections Candidates Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy
US President Election 2024 Release Date January 20, 2025
US Presidential Elections 2024 Date - Schedule, Candidate List, Indian Origin Candidates and Prediction

US Presidential Elections 2024 Candidates List

Name of Candidates Political Party Name
Joe Biden Democratic
Donald Trump Democratic
Vivek Ramaswamy Republican
Robert F. Kennedy Jr Democratic
Marianne Williamson
Ryan Binkley
Doug Burgum Republican
Chris Christie Republican
Ron DeSantis Republican
Larry Elder
Nikki Haley Republican
Will Hurd
Asa Hutchinson Republican
Perry Johnson
Mike Pence Republican
Tim Scott

US Presidential Elections 2024 Indian Origin Candidates

In this election we will see few US Presidential Elections 2024 Indian Origin Candidates, Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy. At a crucial time in the US presidential elections next year, Indian-American personality Vivek Ramaswamy has shared his hints in the race to become the Republican Party nominee. He has said that if he does not get the presidential nomination, he will then run for the vice presidential candidate.

There was a debate on the issue of foreign policy in the first primary of the Republican Party between Indian American contenders Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, who are in the US presidential race. Former South Carolina governor Haley accused her rival and entrepreneur Ramaswamy of having little foreign policy experience and supporting Russia. Haley (51) and Ramaswamy (38) have been at loggerheads on foreign policy issues on social media for the last few days.

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US Presidential Elections 2024 Prediction

Its too early to do US Presidential Elections 2024 Prediction so we have to wait for the early 2024. According to various survey rankings, Vivek Ramaswamy is trailing behind Donald Trump. In the first debate, Ramaswamy’s popularity soared, despite a tough fight from fellow candidates. He has also got the support of former President Trump.

Although Nikki Haley ranks lower than the other Republican candidates, she still has strong support for being a seasoned politician versus a newcomer. On the other hand, Harsh Vardhan Singh has not yet become a part of the GOP debate but has been continuously pushing his campaign for Trump and against Ramaswamy.

US Presidential Elections 2024 FAQs

How to become the President of America?

According to the rules, to contest the US Presidential Elections, one has to be a citizen of USA by birth. Age should also be at least 35 years and he/she should be resident there for 14 years.

When is US Presidential Elections 2024?

US Presidential Elections 2024 will organize on November 5, 2024 and result will be announced in January 2025.

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